"We have worked with Paula for over 3 years.  She is a very professional and well planned adviser for her clients.  She uses multiple forms of advertising to meet and exceed her clients' goals. She is open minded to new and creative ideas and strives to make certain she is providing well thought out solutions."

Margie Yon, Sales Manager - LAMAR

Shandra Waksmonski, Account Executive - LAMAR

“It has been such a pleasure working with Paula at Lamb Solutions. She genuinely does what is best for her clients with intelligence, thoughtful consideration and care. I love to hear when Paula’s clients see the success they have from the media plans she puts together, as it is confirmation of both Paula’s ability to do the right thing for her clients and how well our products work. As a media Account Executive, Lamb Solutions is a very easy advertising agency to work with and I always enjoy the interactions I have with Paula. I feel very lucky to get to work with such a great person and I am excited to see how much more Lamb Solutions continues to grow.”

Angela Rocco, Account Executive - Comcast

“Paula's positive attitude is the first step to a winning ad campaign! Realizing that all clients are unique and different, her strategy is on point for achieving positive results. Specific branding, creating and executing of TV Campaigns on ABC 23 and FOX8 have proven to be successful for Paula's Clients!”

Shawn Glass-Lucas, Sales Manager - FOX 8, ABC 23

"Working with Paula and Lamb Solutions – it would be a lie if I said I considered it “work.” I deal with many advertising agencies large and small, locally and nationally and Lamb Solutions is by far my favorite!
In the fast paced and complex world of marketing relationships are key – I look at Paula as a friend, not just an agency. This relationship enables us to quickly and effectively communicate our mutual needs and garner better results… whether by email, phone call, or midnight text message Paula is there.
Our relationship also gives her an edge when it comes to negotiating contracts and getting the most out of a budget. If I have something hot she’s one of my first calls.
At the end of the day it’s about results – plain and simple. Paula always does what’s in the client’s best interest; she’ll look at everything put before her - separate the good from the not so good and achieve the maximum results. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but I know when I do it’s because it was the right call for her client.
I would recommend Lamb Solutions to anyone who wants to take the hassles and hurdles out of marketing and achieve results."

Garrett L. Bowden, Account Executive - WJAC

"We’ve not only had the pleasure to work with Paula through her ad agency, Lamb Solutions; we also had the privilege in having Paula work for WTAJ as an Account Executive for several years prior to opening her agency. Paula is a dedicated professional. She pushes herself beyond limits to ensure her clients are provided with top-notch service. She’s creative and will think outside the box, searching for the right solution to serve the best interest of her client(s). We have a great relationship with Paula, and LAMB Solutions is a great choice for those business owners who don’t have the extra time to delve into putting a fluid marketing plan together to promote their business and drive new customers to their doors."

Jennifer Bates, General Sales Manager - WTAJ

"Forever Media, Inc. Altoona has had the pleasure of working with Paula Lamb of Lamb Solutions for the past year and a half.  During this time, we have personally witnessed Paula’s commitment to and unwavering focus on driving results for her clients.
  From uncovering co-op opportunities that allow her clients to increase brand exposure and awareness at a reduced cost to playing an active role from concept development to execution of our promotional partnership opportunities with Five Star Mitsubishi and Five Star Powersports, Paula has pursued those opportunities that help her clients to reduce costs while driving revenue.
Paula goes far beyond handling activities like media placement, copywriting, and traffic.  Paula takes an active role with her clients and vendors, participating in brainstorming sessions and offering input in the development of promotional opportunities.  Paula’s input always places emphasis on doing what will be considered most advantageous for both her clients and our stations!  As such, Paula has become a much respected partner of our stations."
We look forward to a continued partnership with Paula Lamb and Lamb Solutions for many years to come.

Courtney Paul-Wessner, GSM - Forever Altoona

Heide Haluska, Account Executive - Forever Altoona

"I believe Paula has her clients best interests in mind when making suggestions and buying advertising.  She’s a complete joy to meet with and talk to but most importantly Paula is extremely efficient and organized.  A phenomenal individual!"

Laura Thomas, Account Executive- Forever Johnstown

"Paula's approach to buying radio for her clients is very straight forward.  She understands the medium and she embraces promotional opportunities that will enhance the campaign for her clients. Paula is also very hands on and she actually makes the time to get involved and attend her clients' promotions. Paula just 'gets' it on levels that others don't."

Wendy Lynch, Sales Manager- Sounds Good Media

"Paula and Lamb Solutions are great to work with! The prior account executive was impressed with the attention and service Paula gives to every client. I can second that since we have had the opportunity to work with Paula. She provides quick responses to questions and concerns for us too! "

"Moose" Rosana, GM - Seven Mountains Media

"We at the Altoona Mirror value our ongoing relationship with Paula Lamb & Lamb Solutions. Paula is a pleasure to work with on the many advertising projects including print & digital promotions associated with Five Star Mitsubishi & Five Star Powersports. Her marketing knowledge is exceptional; applying specific & effective media platforms to her clients' marketing strategies with positive results."

Jeff Hancock, Sales Manager - Altoona Mirror

"We enjoy working with Lamb Solutions because Paula is readily available to us, which is so important when working with deadlines. She always takes the necessary steps to make sure that her clients are getting their branding and advertising exactly the way they want it."

Katie Hanlon, Publisher -Mainline Newspapers

"It can truly be said that Lamb Solutions gives top priority to its customer's needs. Paula understands the value of using all media outlets and what online advertising has to offer her clients. She goes the extra mile to make sure her clients' needs are fully met in a timely manner – giving them the advertising they want and the results they require."

Betsy Konar, Account Executive - Trubune Democrat